“Kung – Fu “not only an effective Martial art and an excellent system for health and vitality. It merely gives us a way to spiritual awakening. The word “Kung- Fu” is a Chinese word which comprised a meaning of fulfilment, efficiency and so on. In English Martial arts skill (or) Martial discipline stands for Kung-fu. Saholin monastery was the imperial temple situated at the sacred summit of Henan province in china. "Shao" and "Lin" stands for "Dense" and "Forest" respectively. For a long time hermits of Buddha were practising Chi-Kung (which controls mind) and Qi-gong (which involves higher level energy movements). As a result of their prolonged Chanting, Shaolin Kungfu given birth. Indian, in particular Tamilian from Kanchipuram, a buddha ascetic called "Bodhidharmar" (Damo) who creates first basic techniques of shaolin kungfu. Earlier, history portrays.


Tai-chi an eminent art was originated from China in golden age. This art were followed only by particular dynasties and the Tai-chi was the gist of Taoist. In olden days, peoples of such dynasties used Taoist to lead a long, healthier and sweet full Sexual life and protect Taoist with much secret. Afterwards the western Chinese people mingles and learn this Tai-Chi with their traditional Chinese martial arts. In Tai-Chi "Tai" stands for "Two" and "Chi" stands for "Energy". Chi is universal driving force. Men can gain this (chi) through universe by his mind control practises and implementing it for his body, mind and health is "Kung". Basically Chi-Kung is a divine breathing exercise beyond human breathing exercise. These divine breathing exercises are so called "Pranayamam" by Indian saints and Chi-Kung by Chinese saints.

Zen Meditation

Only with powerful physique no one can achieve by ascending mind in right way. Students can withhold their mind and body fit. So they will need peace and powerful mind power to excel in academic and profession. To empower such attitude, the institute provides meditation like Zen meditation and the Indian traditional Kundalini Yoga. There are numerous arts in India. Art of Yoga (meditation) is considered as the most ancient art among them. Zen meditation is the most popular and prominent type of meditation among the various types. Indian sadhus (Rishis) got this art from god. We can very well find this type of meditation surviving in Buddhism now. The word Zen has come from poly language word CHANA, which is called as DHYANAM in Sanskrit and in Tamil. The term CHANA sound as ZA ZEN in china and ZEN in Japan. This art is called as Zen Meditation.

Grand Master

SIFU-LU Dr R Ramesh is the Founder and Chief Technical Director of Shaolin Kungfu Martial Arts Academy of India. He is awarded VIII th Degree in Shaolin Kungfu, VIII th Degree in Chinese Kungfu, V th Degree in Fu-Ku from Wu-Dao Temple. He is also a Life Member of MAA-I Germany.

Born in Southern India, Tamilnadu, Salem, Master Ramesh called Sri Yogeswaran was an exceptional child. By the age of 17 he was well-versed in Kung Fu. The Administrator of this Yoga Centre And founder and Kung-Fu Grand Master, Master Ramesh has 26 years of experience in Shaolin Kung Fu and holds two Master degrees in this martial art. Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts Academy of India is the name of his martial arts training center.

Immensely interested in Kung Fu he has done a lot of research in this art.He is serving people spiritually for 26 years. He experiences so many miraculous and mysterious things in Kundalini Yoga and Zen meditation. He is telling out the mysterious, surprising truth about God,Siddhars, Universal energy, Universal fairies angels for 10 years. He is the Master(Guru) who became an expert in natural healing by acquiring universal energy through meditation. He is organizing free Zen healing camps by using many healing(learnt from master) experts. He realized that the appearance and development of this art is from the Yoga itself. His knowledge about the secrets of yoga is based on self-cultivation.

In order to teacher these secrets to his Kung Fu students he started Shaolin Yoga Meditation Centre. He is well versed in the meditation techniques, vaasi yoga methods, the secrets of mudras and mantras found in traditional yoga. He strongly believed that a persons physical labor, effort and training were responsible for upliftment. Master Ramesh strongly believed that although fate is strong, the route to win it lies hidden in the secrets of yoga. He declares that even an ordinary person who takes the initiative to learn these yoga secrets rightly, can achieve a lot in life.

Mr. Sri Yogeswaran is well versed in the Kundalini Yoga, which is considered as the Divine yoga by Siddhars. He declared that if a person was able to control his mind and thoughts through certain meditation techniques then he is eligible to receive the Divine Lords initiation, the blessings of Siddhars and the knowledge of their yoga secrets. He asserted that yoga must not be looked upon as an art alone - it is a Divine medicine for humanity. Masters life is dedicated to Martial Arts and spirituality. The meditation techniques and exercises taught by him leads to the formation of a new Self, which is the ultimate goal of all spiritual practices.

In Zen yoga he has created an innovative system based upon his extensive knowledge. This is the Yoga of the new era. He executes the mission given to him by Goddess Adhi Sakthi with an approach of perfect surrender to the Divine. His approach is so direct and powerful that it sparks a spiritual revolution. He strives to make his teachings available to everyone as he follows the path of the spirit. A spiritual guide with an admiring approach, he helps to tap into ones perpetual temperament. He is a daring and determined holy warrior, exploring the spiritual realm but always returning to share his findings with like-minded souls who crave for a genuine experience of God.
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Who We Are

Shaolin Kung-Fu Martial Arts Academy of India is a Dedicated Kung-Fu Academy that Provides Training over 26 yrs in Tamilnadu and 15 yrs in Kerala with Professional excellence. It Tenets to Complement the youths by imbibing Values like Discipline, Vitality, Stamina, Quick Judgment, Physical & Mental Enrichment Thereby creating them a Noble Personality. The Institute teaches various Marvellous Martial Arts. Sifu Lu Dr R Ramesh, the founder of "Shaolin Adhi Sakthi Trust" inspires thousands of people and place many different roles - such as meditation teacher, master of martial arts, spiritual leader and a successful Psycho Therapist. He has designed unusual courses which drill efficient and realistic procedures for emotional and physical well being. He has re-awakened the beliefs of yoga and meditation and presented them in a structure that is applicable to this century. His vision of a healthy and a stress free society has expressed itself in the numerous healing camps conducted in TamilNadu. The students of "Shaolin Yoga Meditation Center" are inspired volunteers who carry this out under his supervision. In addition, he has also formed a fresh system for personal and public renovation. Alluring not only to a precise population, this practices has confirmed success in all levels of society.

State Chief Instructor

Shaolin Kung-Fu class started in Kerala on 2000 January under the guidance and control of Grand master Sifu Lu Dr R Ramesh. He has given authorization to Mr Babu Sebastian to lead the martial arts in Kerala state as a State Chief Instructor of the Academy. He is from the place Kanjirappally in Kottayam District. He is holding an international certificate of Vth Degree Black belt in Shaolin Kungfu. Sifu Babu Sebastian is conducting various programmes like Martial Art Classes, Yoga classes, Self defence courses, Marma Chikitsa and so on. He is also an "Parampary Marma Therapist and Pancha karma Therapist".
Sifu is currently engaged with conducting various training classes for Government bodies, Student police corps, Schools, Colleges and other service oriented public and private sectors. He Conducted self defence classes in Governments Nirbhaya Programme initiative for Girls in various districts across Kerala. He is awarded "Master Of the year" title in 2014 from Shaolin Kung-Fu federation of India.


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